Saturday, September 8, 2012

One Year

Today marks the one year anniversary of our move to Boston. After nearly dying in one of the city's infamous rotaries (grrrrrrrr), driving past our apartment complex and having to circle around, we pulled into Overlook Ridge--our new home for the next year. After unloading all of the stuff that was in the car (I'm still amazed that all of that fit in our car. I mean look at it!) we drove to Target, not knowing it would be one of a few scarring moments of driving in Boston. I think I'm finally used to it. Scarring things tend to happen to me on my first day in new places. Here I tried to make a left turn at an intersection and while I was patiently waiting, some lady in a BMW decided that she was going to pass me on the left. THE LEFT on a one lane road! I'm still not over it, but I've seen it happen a lot here. Stupid drivers.

When I first got to Rexburg, oh so many years ago, I sat outside of my apartment feeling sorry for myself. I was alone in Rexburg. All of my friends were back in Canada. As I thought about how I was marooned in some kind of forsaken wilderness, a tumble weed rolled past my apartment, bumping along every crack in the asphalt and brushing along the bushes by Days Inn. God, I thought, had a wicked sense of humor. At that point in my life I thought that tumbleweeds and cowboys were stereotypes, or costumes that people wore on Halloween or in old episodes of Looney Toons. Shows what I knew.

In the year since moving to Boston I've been through a lot of perspective changes. There are days where I don't recognize myself. There are days where there is a great disparity between the person I am now, and the person I was back when I first met Nat--all fire and passion. I think I've mellowed out after life has finally started. At times it's been a trying year, but I think it would have been harder if I didn't have Natalie there for me. She keeps me going, gives me a sense of emotional stability that I've never known in my life. Things that would have really discouraged me before, don't really faze me anymore.

What will next year bring? I'm hoping a renewed sense of purpose. Children?

Ha. Maybe not quite yet.

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